Smile More Next Christmas!


As I’ve been simplifying my home and possessions, some items remain difficult to purge: a weird metal symbol from my (deceased) dad’s fraternity. My daughter’s first sewing project. You know, things that are tough to part with!

These items are sentimental, and take up little space. But I don’t want them to live forever in an old shoebox in the attic.

Not long ago, I saw an idea on Pinterest transforming children’s favorite toys into Christmas ornaments. Brilliant! This was an excellent solution for my treasures too. ¬†Now each year we’ll smile more as we decorate the tree.


Left to right:

1. A mother doll a friend brought me from Guatemala. I love how it has a baby on the back AND carrying one too!

2. Stained glass cattle skull my aunt made me as a bolo tie long ago.

3. Quilter’s Guild name tag and tiny quilt.

4. My dad’s fraternity symbol (I think!) from approximately 1968.

5. My daughter’s first sewing project.

6. A carved camel from my husband’s college roommate.

7. Hand-written tree-round place cards from my sister’s wedding. There is one for each person in our family, and she made one for our unborn (at the time) baby too.

Now each one is a wonderful ornament that means far more to us than a colored glass bulb.

So before you tuck those boxes of Christmas decorations back into the attic, take a minute to attach a ribbon loop or a hook onto your sentimental items and slip them into the ornaments box. What fun to handle each memento and experience those memories again next year!

LauriSmile More Next Christmas!

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