HaPpY, hApPy BiRtHdAy, Simple Beautiful Life!

Yellow Daisies

It’s been 2 years already since Simple Beautiful Life was born. It’s been fun getting into the swing of writing with three children underfoot. (Perhaps a post on that soon!) I’m finding my voice and niche, and I’m super excited about what this next year may bring!

Here are the top posts from this year:

1. “Love your leftovers” Guide – if you still have turkey saved in your freezer, you should definitely download these ideas and recipes. They’re tried and true, and family-approved.

2. How I Make Money While Staying at Home with my Little Kids – We’re all trying to figure this out, aren’t we? I’d love to hear your version of this.

3. Taking a Young Family Camping for the First Time – We had a great time camping and are looking forward to going again this spring!

4. How to be a Stay-At-Home Mom without Losing Your Mind – For all moms-of-young-kids, really.

5. How my 5 year old bought her own violin – The inspirational story of my oldest’s first goal and business!

6. 13 Simple Romantic Home Date Night Ideas (& Chocolate Fondue recipe) – We’re about due for Date Night ourselves and I may need to go back and peruse these ideas. What have been your best home date nights?

What post was most impactful or memorable for you?

LauriHaPpY, hApPy BiRtHdAy, Simple Beautiful Life!

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