In Search of the Perfect Shoe


‚ÄčI need a new pair of daily-wear shoes.  Shoes that are comfortable, but not running shoes.  I want shoes that are stylish, but not heels.  Shoes that are part of my outfit, but that I can wear all day with a kid on my hip, ones I can get down on the floor and play with my kids and then get up and go out for a meeting…

LauriIn Search of the Perfect Shoe

Clothing Swap


‘m so excited!  Last year, a friend and I hosted a Clothing Swap, and it was so much fun we’re doing it again next month.  I had heard of this mystical, magical event, and it intrigued me.  When I researched online, I found that some groups are super structured, and others are rather chaotic.  Did we need to make tickets for each item brought?  Should we moderate the quantity each person could glean?  Would establishing rules actually help?

One rule I like: You must try it on before it’s yours.

LauriClothing Swap