Who made this Project List, anyway?


  As I learn to focus on what matters (and explore minimalism), I’m frequently asking myself “What is important?”. It starts off being about physical stuff: how can I cut back on the amount of possessions I have or think I need? What is essential? Along the way I’ve begun to ask myself what is essential and important in other areas of life too: time commitments, projects, books-to-read, emotional investments. My project and task lists seem to be never ending, as I’m sure yours are. But then I asked myself, “Who made this list?” “Who decided these projects should be in queue?” I may have literally looked over my shoulder to see if I could pass the buck anywhere else, but alas! They fall squarely on me. I choose these projects. I seem to think they need to be done in my slivers of free time. Some of them fall into the mandatory category of “keep our living space livable”, but what about discretionary projects? Things like: Assemble a baby book for each of my three children (of which I have exactly two pages of one book completed. My oldest is nearly six). Sew Christmas stockings. (Really? Is this important? I don’t even believe in Santa Claus!) Make a baby quilt for the third baby. Hem the awesome jeans my super-tall-model-sister passed along to me. Repair an antique quilt handed down from my grandma. Mending, mending, mending. Of course, the list goes on and on (and that brief list doesn’t …

LauriWho made this Project List, anyway?