The Power of Paint


  A year ago, we stepped over the threshold of a home we wanted to buy. It was in a neighborhood we liked, for a price that worked. The entire package was a huge present sculpted just for us. It even included a personal joke: the entire interior was painted a deep rosy pink. Although pink and I have a truce now, there is history. So we laughed and laughed about the fact that this amazing house was PINK. Entirely pink. Amazingly pink. The floors were natural wood, but looked orange, and we wondered if we’d need to refinish them into a more palatable color. The crown molding we dubbed “dental molding” because it reminded us of teeth… or the top of a castle?? It was garish. Naturally the kitchen wallpaper was no better. Thankfully, they’d just put in new kitchen floors, and the cabinets had already been painted white. The trick was to try to imagine the whole thing a different color. Two pieces of advice we’d gleaned about buying a house: buy new toilet seats, and repaint the interior. Turns out both were excellent ideas. So before moving in, we had the popcorn ceilings scraped (what a mess!) and every wall in the house painted. Although we tend to be do-it-yourselfers, Jon was submerged in a work project and I was six months pregnant with three small children in tow. Needless to say, our man-hours were severely limited. Throughout the house, we chose a neutral sand color. Immediately, …

LauriThe Power of Paint