How I’m Shedding Baby Fat


  Our third baby is eight months already. That means I can get back in shape, right? Actually, I’m excited for that. Excited to be done healing from childbirth, to not worry about milk production (which has been an issue for me, and means you can’t really cut back food or increase exercise), and generally to be healthy and whole. I feel great. I’d still like my clothes to fit a bit better though… Maybe you’re with me, where those last stubborn pounds just don’t want to drop. Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, a doctor, or a personal trainer. I’m just sharing what I’ve been learning, and what has helped me. Really, I’m not even looking for quick weight-loss, but sustained healthy habits (and to stay trim). Here are my 5 helps: 1. “I enjoy sweets with people.” This little mantra (which I made up a while ago) has been SO helpful!! It works as a positive affirmation as well as a reminder. At various times in my life I have cut out sugar all together, but I would rather be moderate. How I wish I had the self-control to simply be moderate! Apparently I don’t. But if “I enjoy sweets with people”, I can have sweets occasionally without hiding in the pantry with a spoon in the Nutella jar. Another aspect to enjoying sweets with people is that I don’t need to decline a home baked treat my friend offers me. I can savor it with her! Or …

LauriHow I’m Shedding Baby Fat

Living With One Car, it IS possible!

Honda CR-V

I actually love having only one car. It forces our family: to be flexible, to communicate and stay in tune with each other, to work together and consider each other’s needs. It also happens to be earth-friendly: we walk, ride-share, and work from home when possible. We choose local: library, doctor, dentist, grocery, pharmacy.

For us, though, it didn’t start out to be noble; it was out of necessity and adventure.

LauriLiving With One Car, it IS possible!

How to Entertain Children, guest post dictated by Elise, age 5


Give your children five stuffed animals and then tell them how to play “Family”. Then give them stuff to make a tent by themselves and let them make their own home. Let them bring as much stuff out of their room as they need and just let them play.

LauriHow to Entertain Children, guest post dictated by Elise, age 5