Pre-Reading Basics: Letter Learning

Little Letters

This is part two of Pre-Reading Basics.  See the first post here.

As your child is learning their letters, it is tempting to go straight through the alphabet (typical phonics instruction often does, classroom Kindergarten included). However, I often find it helpful to teach high-frequency letters first. 

So which letters are good to learn first?  Every kid loves their very own letter

LauriPre-Reading Basics: Letter Learning

Pre-Reading Basics: Phonemic Awareness

Quilt & Hand

Reading readiness can be cultivated simply and naturally. We teach our preschoolers their colors and numbers. They love to point out what they know, love songs and games.  But how do we get from singing the ABC’s to reading words? This is the first in a series of posts with tools that I use, both with students and my own children. Let’s start with Phonemic Awareness.  

Phonemic Awareness is a term teachers use to describe a student’s ability to differentiate sounds.

LauriPre-Reading Basics: Phonemic Awareness

Taking Time to Read

Catching Fire

Instead of writing this weekend, I found myself tearing through Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins (sequel to The Hunger Games). Any time I’m absorbed in fiction, I have difficulty engaging in the real world, much less accomplishing anything! Still, I reading is important to me and good for my brain. I just wish I could find a balance of reading without becoming Missing In Action. Oh well. It’s a luxury I allow myself occasionally… I’m assuming I’ll read Mockingjay (the third Hunger Games book) next. Then what?  I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below! What are you reading right now? How do you balance fiction with life?

LauriTaking Time to Read


Wedding Pie2

My friend Stacey loves to cook and to serve, and she has stumbled into a fun business I like to call “Uncatering”.  The other night, she hired me and another friend to help her at a wedding where she managed the food.  The food itself was provided by a fabulous local restaurant that “caters”, but really that means that the restaurant provides a large quantity of food for the event.  

So Stacey delivers the food to the location, and sets up everything beautifully, and attends the buffet.  The drinks stay replenished, the buffet filled, the cake is cut, and leftovers wrangled.  That way, the family and friends of the happy couple could enjoy the reception and not stress about the food.


Connecting with a Middle Child

baking together

It’s so easy to skip the middle child.  They’re born into a sharing, compromising world, and are often conditioned to wait their turn, while the enterprising eldest explores first.  I am a middle child, so I may be particularly sensitive to this in my own children, but I still find it easy to focus most of my energies on the oldest (who is most capable, simply by age) and the youngest (who is most dependent).

Yesterday afternoon, while my oldest was playing outside with new friends, I suddenly had an opportunity

LauriConnecting with a Middle Child