Braving an Art Gallery with Little Ones

Colored Pencil tips

‚ÄčThe other day, the Frist Center for the Arts, an amazing local art gallery, had a free day!  I’m so glad a friend invited us to join them.  It is a bit daunting taking three children under 5 to an art gallery, but it was great.

[email protected]Braving an Art Gallery with Little Ones

Sustainable Party Decorations!


I bought all this fun fabric years ago to make patchwork curtains for the kids’ room (which also included a feedbag from my grandparents’ farm that I cut into squares too), and ended up having a ton leftover.  I had cut it all into four-inch squares, and one day I started stitching the squares together (was I bored??), and created this enormously long strip of fabric.  Who knew it would be so perfect for party decorations?

People kept asking me how I do this, so here it is! 

LauriSustainable Party Decorations!

Creative Mending: better than before

smocked dress spot mended

My mom smocked this beautiful dress for my daughter, and I was horrified that it got a marker stain that wouldn’t come out no matter what I tried.  Finally, I endeavored to try my friend Melanie’s suggestion to embroider over little flaws.  Then it looks custom and beautiful, not even mended!

Now, I’m not an expert embroider-er, so I was a bit terrified to try this.  But

LauriCreative Mending: better than before