Fighting Bronchitis

Lung & Bronchial

Chronic Bronchitis.  Great. Then when I was pregnant with Elise, I got it again and finally started to look for a way to solve the problem.  I was introduced to Dr. Christopher’s Lung and Bronchial Formula, vegan capsules formulated to strengthen the lungs.  At that point, it was worth a try.  The formula contains: Mullein leaves, Chickweed, Marshmallow root, Pleurisy root and Lobelia. 

LauriFighting Bronchitis

Breakfast 4 Dinner and a Recipe: Waffles of Insane Greatness

Waffle 6

After realizing we were regularly going out to eat at Cracker Barrel for breakfast foods, we endeavored to master breakfast for ourselves.  In fact, we liked it so well that we began a tradition of having Breakfast 4 Dinner on Sunday nights.  Gradually, we began asking people to join us.

Now we host Breakfast 4 Dinner just about every week, and our daughters have taken to inviting people to come also!  It’s great to have a few recipes to rely on, and this one from Aretha Frankensteins has proved it’s amazingness again and again:

Waffles of Insane Greatness:

LauriBreakfast 4 Dinner and a Recipe: Waffles of Insane Greatness

Homemade Hula Hoops are so much better!

Hula 0

Our neighbors have the best hula hoops, in various sizes and fun colors.  They made their own!  So each hoop is customized: they’re a bit heavier than commercial ones, and can be just the right size for you.  We love them, and got even more excited when we were invited one day to make some! 

I was glad our neighbors knew what supplies and tools worked best, so I’m passing that info along to you.

LauriHomemade Hula Hoops are so much better!

How to make Celery last so much longer!

Celery 2

Celery is required in tons of recipes, especially soups!  Unless I’m chopping a veggie plate or scooping peanut butter boats for the kids’ snacks, I don’t use it up very quickly. But I’ll want it handy when that recipe rolls along.

I learned a storage technique that greatly increases the life of my celery:

LauriHow to make Celery last so much longer!

Motivation to De-clutter

simple dandelion

Why does matter whether our homes are stuffed?  I have this passion for homes to be havens.  When our homes are overflowing with things, they suffocate us, and suck our energy dry.  When a home is uncluttered and peaceful, it is so restorative!  It’s refreshing and nurturing.  It’s inviting.  It becomes a place to refuel those who live there, and anyone who crosses the threshold.

With this passion, I have a pet hobby of helping friends transform their houses into homes: we purge, we organize, we clean and we bless.


LauriMotivation to De-clutter

Beginning Piano Lessons from a Professional Piano Player

Piano Kid

I’ve been spying on the piano lessons that my professional musician husband gives our four-year-old. At that age, it’s tricky to know what to teach them that will enable musical exploration and not the wretched plunking out of “Hot Cross Buns” over and over! So he taught her about thirds, how, using only white notes, if you play two notes together, skipping the one between them, that is a Third. Then by stacking thirds, you build chords!  She doesn’t quite understand what chords she’s playing yet, but pleasant sounds emanate from her miniature piano as she experiments. He is simultaneously teaching her the Nashville Number system. What is the Nashville Number system?  It’s the method of charting and reading music that studio musicians in Music City use.  When you show up at a session to track a record, or to a gig playing live music, you must be prepared to change keys at a moment’s notice.  So musicians here call chords by their number, rather than their letter name.  [That way they don’t have to re-write their music to reflect a change, they just jot a note at the top. They don’t have to officially transpose music, they just play those chord numbers in the new key!] Let’s say we’re playing only the white notes on the piano, which puts us in the key of C. There are 7 different notes in a major scale and then you land back at the first (an octave higher).  So if you start …

LauriBeginning Piano Lessons from a Professional Piano Player

22 Fresh Date Night Ideas

Mr. & Mrs. Lego got a babysitter!

By the time we arrange childcare, get the children and ourselves ready, and get out the door whether or not they’re crying, we find ourselves in the car wondering if we should turn right or left out of the driveway!  This is not always the artful, alluring, inspired Date Night we hoped it would be. Then on the non-babysitting-Date-Nights, we make our own fun, like these Home Date Night Ideas. What can we do on a shoe string?  Once the babysitter is paid, there may be little left for the date itself.  Brainstorming this question, and polling some friends brought up some fun ideas.  I’m excited about some options to plan a little connection and romance into our time together! We’re in Nashville, TN, so some of these ideas are specific to our area.  Look into what your city has going on this summer.  These ideas are also tailored to what we both like to do.  I remember reading His Needs, Her Needs, by Dr. Harley, and he points out that there are so many things to do in the world that it is worth finding some that you and your spouse like to do together.  If he hates Flea Markets, then let’s find something we can both enjoy. Inexpensive Outings Hot tubbing (at some friends’ who offered their jacuzzi) Hike (some favorites: Radnor Lake, Edwin Warner Park) Star gazing (the iPhone StarMap3D app is pretty fun) Sunset watching (let’s find the best place around!) A pint of gelato pint …

Lauri22 Fresh Date Night Ideas