Recipe: Granola

Granola Raw

​This granola is hearty and delicious!  It is also easily adaptable to what you have on hand or what your family likes.  My friend Allison originally gave it to me, and I’ve tweaked it to our taste (and the size of our storage container). Enjoy!

LauriRecipe: Granola

Building Community


Our generation, the social media generation, longs for connection, for community and for interdependence.  However, we often don’t seem to know how to go about building connections in real life.  We buzz to and from work without knowing our neighbors.  Lonely, we seek out friends on Facebook and live there instead.

Let’s meet our neighbors! They’re delightful, quirky people just like us.


LauriBuilding Community

Jumping into New Adventures

Brush Bunny

​Why is it so hard to be a beginner?  Somehow I expect myself to automatically be good at whatever I do, and I feel awkward learning new things.  But here I am in a season of change, jumping into new adventures.  

LauriJumping into New Adventures

Creative Connection Nights!

Pencil shavings

​Once or twice a month, I love to host a “Creative Connection Night”.  I’ll invite artsy friends to come join me and bring a project to work on for the evening.  It’s so fun to see what people bring:

    LauriCreative Connection Nights!

    Recipe: Hashbrowns, just how we like them

    Hashbrowns 5

    ​I’ve finally figured out how to make consistently good hash browns!! They used to endlessly stick to the pan, or get mushy, or too crunchy.  Not anymore!

    LauriRecipe: Hashbrowns, just how we like them

    Simple Ideas: Shiny Stove!!

    Burners dirty

    ​I’d like to think that I keep my burner drip pans clean, and that when I do have a spill, that I quickly take care of it.  Unfortunately, this is not true!​

    ​Fortunately, I stumbled upon a method that is simple and easy to restore their shine: Oven Cleaner.


    LauriSimple Ideas: Shiny Stove!!

    More Favorite Children’s Authors

    More Books

    I’m still on a quest for more picture book authors (see the original post HERE), and would love to hear from you!  Parents with similar values are such a good resource for this, and recently I had a fun texting conversation with my brother-in-law about some favorites of theirs too.  

    I’m finding the key to successful library visits is familiarity with authors.  So I’ve been creating a list of writers and illustrators that I love, and then I try to grab just one book from each author.

    LauriMore Favorite Children’s Authors