Clothing Swap


‘m so excited!  Last year, a friend and I hosted a Clothing Swap, and it was so much fun we’re doing it again next month.  I had heard of this mystical, magical event, and it intrigued me.  When I researched online, I found that some groups are super structured, and others are rather chaotic.  Did we need to make tickets for each item brought?  Should we moderate the quantity each person could glean?  Would establishing rules actually help?

One rule I like: You must try it on before it’s yours.

LauriClothing Swap

Artist Mother

Art Mom

​My dearest dream has always been to have children and homeschool them.  So now I thoroughly enjoy my home full of pattering footsteps and constant nurturing.  I love being a Mother, even more than I thought I would.  Our homeschooling adventure has just begun, with Elise learning to read and write and explore math puzzles.  

What I didn’t expect is this Artist in me that insists on being nurtured too!

LauriArtist Mother

We Both Read

​With a young reader in the house, I’m always looking for interesting, easy reading material.  As a former kindergarten teacher and reading tutor, I keep a pulse on anything labeled “first reader”.  It is amazing how difficult some of them are, like when they include “igh” or “augh” vowel combinations, which is NOT beginning reading.  So I’m always looking for stories that actually have decodable words, the more short-vowel (closed) syllables, the better. However, that definitely restricts the story!

I recently discovered the We Both Read books

[email protected]We Both Read

Blanket Time

Blanket & Book 2

Years ago, when I heard my white-haired friend, Dian, sharing advice with a young mom, my ears perked up, and I tucked it away. Dian said, “Your baby is just crawling, but it’s not too early to start Blanket Time.” What in the world is Blanket Time?

[email protected]Blanket Time