Home Blessing Hour

Shiny Sink

There are so many things I’ve learned from Marla Cilley, better known as “The FlyLady”.  I may be a naturally organized person, but I never learned how to translate that into having a clean, peaceful sanctuary of a home until I started learning the FlyLady’s system. Her tool I used today is the Home Blessing Hour. Not to be confused with the drudgery of house cleaning, it’s an hour (or so) that I take every week to bless my home!  

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Beautifying a Journal

Journal Art 12

I remember when I wasn’t an avid journaller.  A myriad of barely-begun notebooks floated around my life, when I struck a lucky streak: if the journal was GREEN, I stuck with it.  If not, forget it.  So I began looking for green journals everywhere!  Once the habit caught on, I did go back and fill up some of those old, mostly empty ones, and I’ve been tearing through pages ever since. When I was introduced to Morning Pages, via Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, my journalling took on new fervor and purpose.  She proposes a morning ritual of longhand brain dump for three pages.  Every day.  Just write whatever is on your mind. Sometimes I ask a lot of questions, or rant about frustrations.  Other times I recap the adventures of the day before.  Sometimes, as Cameron points out, they are whiny and ridiculous, other times they are prayerful and inspiring.  Either way, they get the creative energy flowing by getting the junk and irritations out of the way. Three pages every day will burn through journals.  I also discovered that I prefer to write in sketchbooks, rather than lined journals, so that I can doodle, or change the direction I write, or make word art, or whatever I want!  It’s liberating.  Unfortunately, beautifully inspiring sketchbooks are expensive and hard to come by.  So, I’ve started purchasing basic black hard cover ones (a 5.5″x8″ stacks nicely with my bible, similar to this one), and I decorate them myself.  My favorites are …

[email protected]Beautifying a Journal